Expositions antérieures

Stig Rex Thomsen "within reach"

Stig Rex` starting point for all his paintings is the ability to grasp his surroundings and translate them into abstracted images. 

These include sensory impressions from, and objects found on, the morning walk with the dog. They include thoughts and feelings going on between himself and people who live close by or whom he sees regularly through his day to day whereabouts. 

The materials used have a somewhat dialectic function in that they appear both tactile and constructed at the same time as they are embedded with a coolness as seen early in in the spring or with a more sensual nuance as seen in the later palette of the autumnal color range. In either case, personal feelings and impressions are filtered through his particular use of materials.

By placing certain forms in relation to each other, using a variety of materials and techniques, each painting becomes a personal story with a unique history on which he builds and recreates new stories appearing almost like small constructions of futuristic architecture.

In this exhibition, we get an insight into a mind that attempts at constructing a balance from both the linear and the curved, the colorful and the more subdued, which holds its ground strongly in a country with a longstanding history of abstract art.

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